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Nebankové pôžičky, úvery bez kontroly registrov
Nebankové pôžičky, úvery


company was setting, the basis for decisions by shareholders. The initial capital of one million Slovak crowns, was an increased 03.04.2007 at four hundred and fifty million Slovak crowns. Own activities to 16.05.2007 the company reached 671 million USD capital. 01.01.2009 The conversion was performed at 22 273 120€ ..

Capital Company:

Number of shares: 100 ordinary, documentary Nominal value per share: EUR 332 ÷ (10 thousand. Sk)

Number of shares: 134 ordinary, documentary

Nominal value per share: ÷ 165 970 million (5 million. SKK) Total share capital at ÷ 22 273 120 euro (671 million. SKK) Current extract from the commercial register, visit


scope is focused mainly on European Region

loans and credits

provide loans and credits - for this activity is designed self-service portal that allows clients to independent decision-making. This is the opportunity of an autonomous decision-making and assessing their own requirements and options. Client when applying for a loan - a loan, does not present any documents. Communicating when applying for a loan - a loan using only electronic communication. When granting a loan - the loan will not examine the bank index

loans and credits for individuals

provide loans and credits without submitting receipts. To obtain a loan is not necessary to guarantee property or a guarantor. Assessment of the creditworthiness of the applicant, is the solemn declaration

loans and credits for small businesses

provide loans and credits for small businesses, without the submission of tax returns. To obtain a loan is not necessary to guarantee property or a guarantor. It does not register bank and to record from the previous period is not an obstacle.

loans and credits for businesses

provide loans and credits to entrepreneurs who have income from self Ltd. Can companion to be in the position or manager. There is no requirement that the employment contract.

guarantees for loans and loan

guarantees for loans and credits is based on notarial deed. For loans and loan credit agreement is drawn up. The documentation for loans and are awarded on the notary úrade.O loans or loan can ask anyone who has more than 18 years.

Production and distribution of diapers for dogs

Diapers for fourfooted pet UV 3846th The reason why they were designed and developed diapers for dogs is unique. It is necessary to protect the environment we live in.

Construction of houses

Addressing housing convenient, affordable, and especially in the short term. All these attributes satisfy the houses built on quality, treated wood. To live in luxury, spacious house in return for ninety days, it is a dream for everyone. In the fifty years of the last century prefabricated houses called. Oklále, vytrovili negative view of such structures. Today's solutions are completely different values

concept of leisure

company preparing to build a ranch. For this project, prepared the land that is supported by contracts. The construction is hindered, as usual bureaucracy. At this time, waiting for decisions by administrative procedure. As the dialog window after the ranch? To look for you on our website


registered trademark. Under this brand behind the various activities. Brand was registering at 16.11.2004 Gazette. The original intention was to create a label for products for animals, especially dogs.

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